Artnet News | 05 November 2020

What I Buy and Why: The Cultivist’s Laura de Gunzburg on Art, Style, and the Most Impractical Work in Her Collection: Paris-born New Yorker Laura de Gunzburg grew up among bold artworks as a child.

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The Glossary Magazine | 12 April 2020

For many, the enjoyment of art offers a level of escapism unlike any other. But in these uncertain times, when a visit to your favourite art gallery or museum is out of the question, it’s never seemed more out of reach. Yet there are still plenty of ways to engage with art from afar – from virtual studio tours to getting crafty with your kids and revisiting some of your favourite coffee table books. Here Marlies Verhoeven, co-founder and CEO of The Cultivist, the world’s only global art club, shares her top tips for getting your art fix at home.

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The Telegraph | 14 March 2020

Last spring, a select group of art enthusiasts were allowed to enter the SoHo studio of the French street artist JR. His Ambitions, political works have appeared everywhere from the side of Shipping containers stacked at Le havre docks to the crumbling walls of Brazilian favelas. JR always wears sunglasses in pictures and, Banksy-like, has never confirmed his identity. Yet this little band of visitors made their way through his studio, and down into a hidden basement, where no press have ever been allowed.

Financial Times | 12 February 2020

Culture club is a hit with art lovers: Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat have set up a members’ group which caters to a growing hunger for art-themed experiences

Manhattan Magazine | 08 January 2020

The arts club gives access to museums, galeries and art fairs around the globe as well as helping to curate personal art collections. INSIDER’S TIP Each prospective member is introduced to the team and the club’s benefits during a brief phone interview as part of the application process.