Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle

04 Jan 2022

End-of-the-year events organized by The Cultivist are always an intimate affair. This December 2021, we were glad to host about 60 of our New York members at an airily empty Guggenheim Museum for a guided tour of painter and art theorist Vasily Kandinsky's oeuvre, followed by a creative session of Holiday Cookie-painting.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim's architect, is quoted as saying: "Let the elevator do the lifting so the visitor could do the drifting", and so, taking his words to heart, we ascended and spiraled downward for an immersive experience directed by Kandinsky's intense color theory. The paintings became all the more powerful since we had the iconic museum to ourselves, allowing us to really focus on the unique relationship between the architecture and the paintings.

Conceived in reverse chronological order, the exhibition 'Around the Circle' gathers works that exemplify Kandinksy's vision of nonrepresentational modes of art-making. In a true conversation with the architecture, there are many angles in which the paintings can be viewed, various parallels with movement and music, and white borders to be discovered. There's an uncanny sense of the time-space continuum: you can see where you've been and you can see where you're going.

This exhibition is on until September 5th, 2022 – so there's still plenty of time to take it in and return for encores.